Tee times will be posted on the Farragut Open 2022 PDGA Event Page one week prior to the event for round 1, and tee times for round 2 will be posted following the conclusion of round 1.

**All vehicles that enter the park will be required to pay a “Day Use Fee” to the state park of $14/day for non-Idaho residents, or $7/day for Idaho residents, when entering the park daily or when checking in for camping. This fee goes directly to the state park and is collected for all park users regardless of this event. 

Course Schedule

Group 1: MPO, FPO, MP40
Group 2: MP50, MP60, MP70, MA50, MA60, MA70, FA1, FA2, FA3, FA40
Group 3: MA1, MA40
Group 4: MA2, MA3
Group 5: Juniors

Group 1: (Fri) Cutthroat, (Sat) AWOL, (Sun) Wreckreator
Group 2: (Fri) Wreckreator, (Sat) Northstar, (Sun) AWOL
Group 3: (Fri) AWOL, (Sat) Cutthroat, (Sun) Northstar
Group 4: (Fri) Northstar, (Sat) Wreckreator, (Sun) AWOL
Group 5: (Fri) Not Playing, (Sat) Northstar, (Sun) 2 Rounds of Little Black Bear back to back

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