PDGA Live Scoring will be happening at the Farragut Open!!
Do you know what this is? Have you seen this? I played an event last weekend and half the participants had never used it (it’s very simple) and couldn’t log in according to them so I want to help with ample time long before your Tee Time. Only 1 Player on your card needs to do it!
We will be trying to bring as many as we can ‘up to date with PDGA Live Scoring because YES the Farragut Open now has 2 Towers nearby that have given most carriers internet at Farragut State Park. This is the screen that you will be able to access 5 days before the Tournament. You can already be signed in and ready to take score for your card. UDisc is a great back-up option which is required to match up at end of your round to confirm score as well as we will have paper cards if need be. If no one on the card has the ability to use PDGA Live scoring, 2 forms of scoring will still be required and it can be 2 paper options.
Just visit https://pdga.com/score then enter the Access Code: Farragut
*Again it will not be accessible until 5 days before the event.*